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Car ExhaustCar Exhaust - Car exhausts & popular related topics including; Flowmaster exhaust, Cobra exhaust, exhaust manufacturers, car make exhausts, mufflers, Borla exhausts, exhaust systems & car exhaust tips.

Diagrams that show the different parts that make up a muffler and how mufflers work. Also access to more muffler pages about Flowmaster mufflers, Monroe muffler and custom auto mufflers.


It's amazing what a difference a muffler can make to reducing the noise levels of an exhaust system. Exhaust gases leave the engine under extremely high pressure. If these gases escaped directly from the engine the noise would be tremendous. For this reason, the exhaust manifold sends the gases to a muffler where they go through metal plates, or tubes, with a series of holes. The pressure of the gases is reduced when they pass through the muffler, so they go out of the tail pipe quietly.

A Diagram showing where the muffler is located on a car. (Click to enlarge)

There are two main types of muffler design. One type uses several baffled chambers to reduce noise. The other type sends the gases straight through perforated pipe wrapped in metal or fiberglass. This type of muffler is designed for the purpose of reducing back pressure and, consequently, makes slightly more noise. Some exhaust systems also have a resonator. They are added at the end of the exhaust system to take care of any noise that has made it through the muffler.

Mufflers can make a huge difference to the noise levels of an exhaust.

While the goal is to absorb energy that would otherwise be released as sound into the environment, mufflers do force engines to work somewhat harder pushing exhaust gas through them. Therefore, it is a common engine tuning practice to replace stock mufflers with versions that require less energy to force the gas through (usually described as lowering the "back pressure"). Such accessory mufflers can often increase a vehicle's power, but usually at the cost of less effective noise suppression.

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Reducing Sound Levels

There are other features inside mufflers that help it reduce the sound level in different ways. The body of the muffler is constructed in three layers: Two thin layers of metal with a thicker, slightly insulated layer between them. This allows the body of the muffler to absorb some of the pressure pulses.

How gases pass through a muffler. (Click to enlarge)

Also, the inlet and outlet pipes going into the main chamber are perforated with holes. This allows thousands of tiny pressure pulses to bounce around in the main chamber, cancelling each other out to some extent in addition to being absorbed by the muffler's housing.

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