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MufflersMufflers - Diagrams that show the different parts that make up a muffler and how mufflers work. Also access to more muffler pages about Flowmaster mufflers, Monroe muffler and custom auto mufflers.

Monroe Muffler Brake Inc are a chain of stores who offer a range of automotive services. A look at their history as well as how to locate your nearest Monroe Muffler Brake outlet.

Monroe Muffler

With over 600 stores located across the mid - eastern United States Monro Muffler Brake make it their mission to provide their customers with the greatest selection of products and services to keep their car and light truck properly maintained.

Monroe Muffler Brake Inc have over 600 stores across the mid - eastern US.

Monroe install the right WalkerŪ-brand muffler for your vehicle and back it for a lifetime. Their service centres have in stock the appropriate muffler for just about every vehicle on the road today. Not only will they keep things ultra quiet, but the Z-Plus muffler's free-flow design increases exhaust flow by an average of 24% over comparable brands for improved engine efficiency.

Monroe stores stock and fit Walker brand mufflers.

Monroe Muffler Brake stores carry a full line of pre-bent exhaust pipes that are designed for trouble-free installation, but if you need something more exact all Monroe/Speedy Service Centres are equipped to handle your custom pipe bending needs (RVs, Classic Cars, Dual Exhaust, etc.). They will create the right exhaust pipe, right for your car -- right away!

Monroe offer an exhaust Pipe Bending service at all Monro/Speedy Service Centres.

A proper functioning catalytic converter helps make sure your vehicle operates at its environmentally best. At Monroe/Speedy Service Centres, they have the right parts in stock and ready for installation for most vehicles to make sure tailpipe emissions are kept to a minimum for better air quality. They also carry a full line of DynoMaxTM Performance Exhaust Products for those customers that want to add extra zip to their performance and workhorse vehicles.

Monro Muffler Brake Inc History

Monroe Muffler Brake has been a pioneer in the auto service industry since the company was founded by Charles (Chuck) J. August in 1959 as a franchise of another company. After several years, Chuck decided that his muffler shops should offer an expanded list of services. This was not in line with the other organization's wishes. In 1966, Chuck discontinued his affiliation and placed his stores under the "Monroe" name.

Monroe began a deliberate course of prudent expansion, arriving at 20 stores by 1977. Afterwards, a more aggressive expansion program was instituted when Monroe Muffler Brake began to make a number of large acquisitions. In 1991, Monroe went public and its stock began trading on NASDAQ under the symbol "MNRO".

Monroe Muffler Brake Inc have expanded rapidly in recent years.

In September 1998, Monroe Muffler Brake successfully purchased all 205 Speedy Muffler King locations within the United States from Speedy Muffler King, Inc. of Toronto, Canada. They now operate as Speedy Auto Service by Monroe. In March 2004, Monroe Muffler Brake purchased the 25 stores and 10 kiosks of Mr. Tire in the Baltimore, MD area. With this latest merger, Monroe now operates over 600 stores in 17 states.

This strategy of new acquisitions and converting existing stores to carry the Monroe name continues under the leadership of President and CEO, Rob Gross. Since his arrival in 1999, Monroe Muffler Brake has steadily increased its sales and profitability. With over $279 million in sales at the end of fiscal year 2004 - an 8.3% increase over the previous reporting period, Monroe Muffler Brake, Inc. is well positioned to strengthen its stature as the leader in under-car service. Today and well into the future.

Monroe Muffler Brake Inc.

Store Locator

Across town or across the state there is a neighbourhood Monro/Speedy Service Centre conveniently located and prepared to serve your automotive repair needs. This handy store locator requires only the zip code of your present location to pinpoint your nearest Monro Muffler Brake store. Please click here.

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